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Woman Thou Aren’t Niche - Marketing

Woman Thou aren’t niche. You are the purveyor of the new world and a driving force for change. For far too long, the modern woman has been misrepresented in marketing messages. The fullness and the complexity of your life experiences are represented by pastel colors and hearts. The bodies of women are often sexualized to sell products and services-- everything from perfume and cars to alcoholic beverages. 

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Featured Event - World Class Woman

Tap tap, tap tap, tap tap…The fabric of consciousness that permeates your reality is providing existential proof that birds of a feather flock together. The moment you are no longer comfortable in your confined shell is the moment when you notice others who are breaking out too. They are just like you. They are at the same level of consciousness wanting more and this alignment creates a force field that allows you all to ELEVATE. 

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