Event Feature: UnBound Miami- Technology and Innovation Conference

I recently had the pleasure of attending UnBound Miami. The conference connects brands and businesses with disruptive grassroots technologies to empower them to embrace the new digital economy. Although my lane is digital media which I consider soft technology, there was a lot of information provided on the future of VR (virtual reality) and AI (augmented reality) which I consider hard tech that I found interesting. It was fascinating to hear the speakers divulge information on how corporations are using new media (social media) and other augmented technology to meet consumer trends.



Think about how drastically different our consumption habits have become with media. Two thirds of American adults get some of their news from social media, several programming is now streamed online, and shows are now catering to super fans by providing behind scenes via social media or the station’s app. These shift is consumer behavior speaks to how ubiquitous technology has become. Therefore as a general trend, we should all be cognizant of some of the things that are happening in the Tech Space.

One of the panels that I was particularly interested in was called “Fueling Growth.” The panelists spoke about the types of companies they invested in and the development of tech ecosystem here in Miami. An audience member asked the panel about their thoughts on the lack of funding for female led startups. I was happy that the question was asked, and if it hasn’t been asked, I planned on asking myself (see the video below for the panelist response). Unfortunately, I was unable to fully capture the response of Randy Wood co-founder of Citrix seen at the beginning of the video, but essentially the majority of panelists’ response focused on what women “should” do to make their businesses more invest-able as opposed to some of the internal biases that might not allow a female led business to get funding. I am not naïve to the fact that the internal structure of one’s business should be airtight, but to focus only on this area abdicates them from facing another glaring truth. Roberto Machado, however did speak to both sides of the issue and essentially made the case that women need to continue to hustle in order to change the paradigm.

We wanted to play a role in changing the paradigm. This is why my partner and I created a space to further this conversation with the event She Started It on November 9th. You can find out more details here