About The Diamond Butterfly

The Diamond Butterfly was created to curate unique experiences that empowers, inspires and enlightens. We believe that by creating spaces that fulfills upon the human need to be social and connected; we create lasting impressions and greater brand recognition.

We provide social media and event marketing for small businesses that are ready to shine. Building a business takes time and effort which may be daunting at times. However, with the proper planning, dope event experiences and social media muscle, your business can make a massive impact. The source of our success lies in the ability to merge passion with purposeful execution.

We know that you were called to change the world, and we want to help you fulfill upon that mission.

About the Founder

Natasha Headshot.jpg

For a long time, I isolated myself from the world and from building meaningful connections with others. I was unclear and unsure about how to do the things that I really wanted to do in life. It wasn't until my spiritual re-awakening that I got a glimpse of how powerful I am and truly recognized the eclectic gift that lied dormant within me, and this led me to start The Diamond Butterfly.

TDB started out of the calling to transform spaces. To bring empowerment, meaning and beauty to the world. The work that I do is intentionally done to create deeper connections. I want to build communities that make people happy on an EPIC scale. Whether it is online and offline this is my mission and I thank you for sharing in this journey.


Official Bio


Natasha Wright has been a marketing professional for over 10 years. She is passionate about marketing and ability to increase visibility and revenue for small businesses. She combines her professional marketing expertise with a degree in psychology from Florida International University, to connect and engage audiences across different platforms and mediums. She is also a graduate of Miami Dade College's MarketHack program for Digital Media.

She has successfully marketed training workshops, fashion showcases and empowerment events.